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MARGINALIA. 'A Rose by Another Name'

Poster for Marginalia's Juliet & Romeo.png

Moments of real drama and of beautiful music… Both deliver Bellini’s music as if born to sing early nineteenth-century opera. – Plays to See


Marginalia irreverently combines Shakespeare’s timeless words with Bellini’s intoxicating melodies in a newly devised and fully staged production for two singers and an actor, bringing you star-crossed lovers as never before.


Romeo and Love have been a pretty dysfunctional team for a long time. Rosaline… that didn’t go so well. Maybe Juliet will finally be the one, if Love can exercise some self-control and rein in her penchant for chaos. But desire and egotism are dangerous bedfellows: Juliet struggles desperately amid powerful currents of coercion and manipulation. A noble passion to heal age-old rifts? Perhaps not.


Romeo: Chloë Allison

Juliet: Anna-Luise Wagner

Love: Rebecca Hare


To find out more and purchase tickets, click here



Director: Eleanor Burke 
Creator: Chloë Allison

Pianist: Luke Fitzgerald

           Aya Robertson

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