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Eleanor BurkeFillu

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Green Opera presents Fillu, a dramatised Liederabend based around the lifelong romance between Robert Schumann and Clara Wieck's daughter, Eugenie Schumann and the Austrian soprano, Marie Fillunger. Both of these women led extraordinary lives in Germany and England in the late 19th-century but their history has been sadly overlooked. The project consisted of a selection of mid-late 19th-century Lieder interspersed with letters exchanged between the two lovers in the years 1875-1893.

Full programme available here

Writer/Director: Eleanor Burke 

Piano: Richard Gowers/ Henry Websdale

Translator: Moritz Grimm/Anna-Luise Wagner 

Eugenie Schumann: Chloë Allison/Ascelina Klee

Marie Fillunger: Anna-Luise Wagner/Helena Moore


7:30pm, Tuesday 11th August 2020

St. Leonard's Church, Hythe, CT21, 5DN

(JAM on the Marsh Virtual 2020)

8:00pm, Wednesday 8th July 2020

St.Saviour's Pimlico, SW1V 3QW

(SouthWestFest Online)

1:05pm, Monday 3rd February 2020

Angela Burgess Recital Hall, Royal Academy of Music

8:30pm, Sunday 26th January 2020

Selwyn College Hall, Selwyn College, Cambridge 

(The Minerva Festival 2020)

2:30pm, Tuesday 21st January 2019

Piano Gallery, Royal Academy of Music Museum, London

7:30pm, Saturday 30th November 2019 

Old Library, Emmanuel College, Cambridge

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